John McCain And Tim Cook Share A Laugh: “Why Do I Keep Having To Update My Apps All The Time?”


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John McCain ended his grilling of Apple CEO Tim Cook at today’s Senate Sub-Committee Hearing to Examine Offshore Profit Shifting and Tax Avoidance by Apple Inc. with a nice little joke.

“Sir, there’s only one thing I wanted to ask you today: why do I keep on having to update all the apps on my iPhone? Can’t you guys fix that already?”

“Sir,” Tim cook laughed. “We’re working on making our products better all the time.”

  • Nithin


  • Ollie_McMillan

    Tim should’ve called him a moron, but I guess he did in subtext.

  • robraden

    John McCain really is a moron. Why does he have to keep updating his apps? Because developers keep improving them. What we really need to do is update our Senate.

  • darylayala

    ….B/c Apple isn’t into developing a Jitterbug Phone for greedy, dumb prosecuting f*cks!