This Is What iOS 7 Looks Like Running On An iPad [Video]



Wondering what iOS 7 will look like running on an iPad? Then look no further than this video from Russian blogger Rozetked, which shows just that.

Is it legit? Who knows? It shouldn’t even be outside Apple’s secret labs. But it looks about right — let’s just say this: if Rozetked went to all the trouble to fake up a Springboard crash to make this seem more genuine, then he’s a genius. Then again, some of the screens are markedly different from what we saw a couple days ago in the Xcode emulator version of iOS 7 on the iPad — the notification center tin the other version is full-screen and not a popover like we see in this video for example.


Still, fake or not, it’s certainly close enough to the truth to give us an idea of how the new “candy unicorn” interface will look on the tablet. The whole thing looks great, from the new all-screen slide-to-unlock to the playful cascade of icons tumbling onto the home screen, more like something out of Mario than an operating system.

It’s a great glimpse, but looks about as far from completion as the iPhone version. Still, I’ll totally be putting it on an iPad as soon as I can — iOS 6 is starting to look as ugly to me as the original fat iPad or the — ugh, I can hardly stand to look at it — iPhone 4S.

Source: Rozetked

Via: Tech block