The Evolution Of The iOS Home Screens



iOS has undergone a ton of small changes over the last six years, but never we have we seen as drastic changes as Apple has made with iOS 7. Don’t think iOS 7 is that big of change? Take a look at the image above that shows the evolution of the iOS home screen.

Jailbreakers have been able to customize their phones to look similar to iOS 7 now, but this is the first time that Apple is breaking away from some of the UI design principles that have made iOS so successful. The high res version can be viewed here.

Source: Reddit

  • goodvillenews

    that awkward moment, when you realise, that first version of icons are more nice, that in 7

  • Kuhnaydeein

    You guys need to enable Text to Speech in the system preferences, then highlight the post you’re about to submit and hit Option+Escape… You’ll see how awkward some of these sentences are when you’re not reading them in your head!

  • AdamBitTheApple

    Do I see the Cydia app in iOS 6??