How You Close Apps In iOS 7’s App Switcher [GIF]


Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 10.07.04 AM

iOS 7’s new Multitasking app switcher is pretty nifty, and also pretty obviously inspired by popular jailbreak app switcher Auxo. One of the many ways in which iOS 7 Multitasking borrows cues from Auxo is how you actually kill running background apps: with a swipe! We’ve made a nice little animated GIF showing how it works.


Basically, what you do is double click the home button so iOS 7 Multitasking pops up, then swipe up on the open app you want to kill. Presto!

It’s a small thing, but I like it more than iOS 6’s approach, which confused the mechanism of deleting apps from your device entirely with killing them from running in the background. What do you think?

  • Adrayven

    It’s basically what the Jailbreak has been doing for sometime.. No complaints from me! I’m fine with not having to Jailbreak now! :D

    I know Android users are claiming Multitasking Cards idea, notification center, and control center was on Android first.. OOOOOO how quickly they forget where Android stole those ideas! LOL.. webOS got there first gents.. in-fact, it took Google almost 7 months to copy them.. Sadly, RIP webOS! Just goes to show, being first isn’t a guarantee you survive!!

  • DouglasAlive

    “…pretty obviously inspired by popular jailbreak app switcher Auxo.” Uh, that would be a “no.” Try Palm’s WebOS multi-tasking.

  • NothinbutTru7h

    ummmm…. ever heard of WebOs?

  • jebworks

    Very timely. Was just looking for that very function as I wade my way through iOS7.

  • Uninstalled

    They should pay out the creator of Auxo for stealing his idea.

  • milneje34

    Does anyone know if there is a way to kill all apps? Like the press and hold from Auxo

  • jnz

    Are the apps running in the background or in a frozen state? The app switcher now seems to remember EVERYTHING I ever used; just because I looked at the clock app to see the time doesn’t mean I want clock running in background all the time. Can someone clear this up?

    IOS 7 is a lot like a jailbroken phone tbh but still needs bytafont and some other springtomize-esque abilities.

  • jnz

    Oh, and the damn keyboard still doesn’t show you what case you are in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jnz

    Oh, and the damn keyboard still doesn’t show you what case you are in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!