Auxo Is By Far The Best App Switcher Ever Designed For iOS Devices [Jailbreak]



Apple’s iOS operating system is great, and I love it. But five years on, there’s certainly some room for improvement all over the place. Take the app switcher, for example: sure, it does its job, but it’s very basic — Apple could a lot more with it. And one developer has proven that with Auxo, the best app switcher ever designed for jailbroken iOS devices.

Auxo doesn’t just look great, displaying live previews of all the apps you have open, but it’s also intuitive and offers lots of innovative new features. It started off as a concept, but after receiving lots of positive feedback, its creator brought it to life. Apple, take note.

Auxo is demonstrated in the video below, created by iDownloadBlog. The tweak was originally intended for the iPhone 5’s larger display, but since that can’t be jailbroken yet, it’s been developed for the iPhone 4/4S instead. In addition to displaying live app previews, Auxo offers music controls, quick settings toggles, and more.

Check it out:

Looks good, doesn’t it? And it isn’t even finished yet; there’s a little bit of work left to be done. When it is complete, it’ll be available to download through Cydia. It’s only compatible with iOS 6 devices at the moment, but its creator’s working to make it compatible with iOS 5, too.

We’ll let you know as soon as Auxo’s available.

Update: It’s out!

Via: iDownloadBlog

  • Daniel09DD

    I prefer the built in switcher. Those live previews can really affect the performance of 2/3 year old iOS devices because they mean more running processes and more RAM consumption. And they don’t offer any benefit because they are to small to check the content in there and I know what apps I have installed on my device look like when opened.
    I’d be very pleased with 8 apps displayed at a time (in two rows). That would really change the multitasking system efectiviness as a lot of people (just like me) tend to use 5 or more apps opened at a time.