Apple To Launch 12.9-Inch ‘iPad Maxi’ In Early 2014 [Rumor]



We’ve already heard one crazy rumor about the iPhone 5S today, and now we have another, even more ludicrous one, about the iPad. Apparently, Apple is planning to launch a bigger “iPad maxi” in early 2014 which will step up the tablet’s fight against ultrabooks and other small notebooks with a 12.9-inch display.

The rumor comes from Korea’s ETNews, which claims Apple is already talking to display manufacturers and other component suppliers in Korea about the device. “Insiders” suggest the device will compete with ultrabooks and other small notebooks with better portability, better battery life, and a comparable screen size.

But don’t get your hopes up.

Not only does the “iPad maxi” name sound ridiculous, but we’re skeptical Apple would make the iPad any bigger. Its fastest-selling iPad at the moment isn’t its largest one, but its smaller iPad mini, which has been stealing regular iPad sales since its debut last fall.

Why would Apple make a larger iPad when it’s clear consumers love the smaller model?

Maybe a larger display would be better for those who are thinking about ditching their ultrabook for the iPad, but are there really enough of these users to warrant a brand new iPad? Are there really millions of ultrabook users waiting for a larger iPad so that they can switch?

I don’t think so.

Source: ETNews

Via: UnwiredView

  • Whodakat

    If they call it the iPad Maxi, then they deserve what they get.

  • joewaylo

    Sounds like a Humor article if we start going there in the wrong impressions.

  • Alberto Hernandez

    It makes sense because if the iPad Mini gets a retina display then what would be the point of the larger iPad except for it being a little faster?

  • Scott

    I highly doubt it would be called the iPad Maxi… I also highly doubt they’d come out with a bigger iPad, because that would push into their laptop sales market.

  • Seth Chapman

    They can call it anything they want. But please for the love of God if they decide to make an iPad this big, PLEASE let it run OSX.

    Won’t happen. The tablet and/or OS X on an apple tablet. But it’d rule.

  • Derek Schlicker

    Maxi iPad would flow better. For maybe a week every month.

  • Adrayven

    While the name is dubious at best. Now, that they are looking at 12.9″ screens, might be more in tune with recent patents they received. We’ve seen them, through recent patent submissions, looking at creating a transformer style laptop. One with a wireless, detachable keyboard, charging, etc.. Some have speculdated this is where the Macbook Air laptops are going.

    That could be what they are really seeing, but didn’t know and just decided to try and give it an outrageous name.

    If they did come up with a hybrid like that with OS X.. I think we’d see a compelling new Macbook Air. The biggest issue is touch screen.. OS X will need a major overhaul to go touchscreen or have an overlay of iOS for Tablet mode? who knows..

  • AllManAllTheTime

    Please let this be true. I’ve been wanting a larger version of the Ipad since i bought the original. I need a larger one so that I can type on it. if they had that, it would be fantastic.

  • VirtualVisitor

    “iPad Maxi” – I think my wife uses those.

  • shamus109

    I can see a bigger iPad but I highly doubt they will call it that. It’s either the current code name or fake name Apple threw out there to throw people off. Lets not forget all the ridiculous names we heard about before “the new” iPad cam out.

  • sivasELF

    Would be welcomed by musicians like me suffering from having to finger shrink our precious actions in the magical world of i0S music creation!

  • Gregory Wright

    This is an Internet traffic driver that’s all.

  • Bulldogger123

    They should call it the max iPad!

  • Cgs101

    How about a bigger (15″) MacBook Air instead!?

  • Gadget

    Maxi Pad!!!! Haahahahahahaha Hohohohohohoho………..still funny after being posted 400 million times

  • Steven Quan

    Maxi Pad!!!! Haahahahahahaha Hohohohohohoho………..still funny after being posted 400 million times

    I’ll admit that’s pretty damn funny there.

  • Steven Quan

    I don’t understand why everyone is assuming the 12.9″ display is going to be for the iPad. I would think 12.9″ display is for their MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro. They already have those models in 13″ sizes. That would make more sense to me.

  • protopop

    It would be for lawyers, doctors, musicians, artists – anyone who needs the lightweight durability and portability of an iPad but for who the current models are too small.