iPhone 5S To Get Thinner Bezels And Twice As Many Pixels [Rumor]



Although we’re excited about the iPhone 5S, we’re not expecting it to be vastly different to the iPhone 5. We at least expect it to look largely identical. But according to a new rumor that has surfaced in China, the device could come with thinner bezels and a new display that offers twice as many pixels.

The rumor comes from “insiders” who have been talking to WeiPhone.com. They claim the iPhone 5S will get a new display that will pack a staggering 1.5 million pixels — more than twice the 730,000 pixels in the existing iPhone 5 Retina display.

The size of the display won’t increase, WeiPhone claims, Apple will just introduce an even greater resolution. If true — and we must say at this point that we’re a little skeptical — it means app developers will again have to tweak their visuals to accommodate the extra pixels.

This would give the iPhone 5S a better chance of competing with the 1080p displays making their way into the latest crop of Android flagships, however.

WeiPhone also claims that the iPhone 5S will have thinner bezels down the side of its display, which we’re even more skeptical about. If that was to happen, Apple would either need to make the display bigger or the iPhone itself smaller.

We’re pretty confident the Cupertino won’t change the hardware that dramatically for an “incremental” upgrade; that seems like the kind of change we’d see for the iPhone 6 instead.

What we are expecting from the iPhone 5S is better cameras — front and back, a faster processor, and maybe — just maybe — fingerprint sensing technology. Apple is likely to unveil the device this fall.

Source: WeiPhone

Via: UnwiredView

  • Robert X

    Seems way too much for a phone.

  • Harvey Lubin

    I dare anyone to tell the visual difference between the iPhone 5’s 326 pixels per inch, and the HTC One’s 468-pixel-per-inch display… without using a microscope.

    Human vision cannot discern pixel densities past a certain point. So unless you habitually carry a microscope around with you to use reading your phone display, increasing the iPhones display resolution is not going to make any real-world difference.

  • smacsteve

    I’m going to wager that Apple will surprise everyone and announce the iPhone 5S at the WWDC and make it available at the end of June. June 28th maybe? We’ll see, but the reason I believe this is a couple of reasons. First, Apple is falling quickly behind in the war with Android in terms of both processor speed and camera pixels. Yes, I know that Apples 8MP camera is nearly as good as the Galaxy S4 and they could wait until Sept to unveil its new phone. I’m betting Cupertino is fooling everyone this year and has gotten nearly everyone in the industry thinking they’re in a fall release mode. I’m betting they’re going to release the newer cheaper iPhone this fall after they’ve gotten a good run with the iPhone 5S.