Verizon Now Offering iPhone 5 For $99 Deal To Dumb Phone Owners



Last week we told you that Verizon would be selling the iPhone 5 for 50% off later this month. The promotion has now begun, and the iPhone 5 is being offered for $99 with a carrier contract instead of the normal $199 retail price.

But there’s a catch that severely limits eligibility.

Verizon told Gotta Be Mobile that this deal will only be offered to select customers who are “identified as being interested in making the transition to a smartphone.” That basically means dumb phone owners only. Verizon will be sending out emails to offer “an affordable option to help them make the transition” to a smartphone.

This is a limited-time deal, and if you’re reading this then you’re likely not eligible, which is a bummer. The cheapest place to get the iPhone 5 up front is currently T-Mobile, where the price was recently bumped from $100 to $150.

Rumors are saying that the iPhone 5S will be coming out as early as August.

Source: Gotta Be Mobile