T-Mobile Bumps Up Down Payment Price Of iPhone 5 To $149



T-Mobile had that slamming deal on the iPhone 5 to kick off its rebranding as “The Uncarrier” but those fun and happy days are all gone.

The Uncarrier has decided to bump up the down payment price of the iPhone 5 from $99 to $149 without ever really telling anyone that the $99 price was just a promotion.

TmoNews reported this morning that T-Mobile’s sales teams have been notified that the introductory down payment price of $99 is now over. Well qualified customers on approved credit may now purchase the iPhone 5 for $149, which is still a pretty good deal, but it increases how much you’ll pay for your iPhone 5 over 24 months.

That $50 will increase your total overall payment over 24 months to $629 for a 16GB iPhone 5. Other models will also see a $50 increase too. The 32GB iPhone 5 will be $249 and the 64GB iPhone 5 will have a down payment of $349.

Even though T-Mobile is increasing its down payment prices, it’s still the cheapest place to get an iPhone. An unlocked iPhone bought at the Apple Store would cost you 20 bucks more, so it’s hard to be upset about the price hike.

Source: TmoNews