Apple Unexplainably Bans Gift Sharing In Line Messaging App


  • technochick

    Best guess is that they weren’t using a proper IAP API or UI features that make it obvious what’s happening. Thus parents could come back with the whole ‘my kids racked up a huge bill and didn’t know it was real money’

    And/or having a UI too like the native messages app. Or using private API. Those are are the big offenses these days

  • Adrayven

    Mehh. virtual money ‘coins’ is a slippery slope.. it’s been targeted in online gambling scenes by feds for some time for having become a way to launder money. Apple might be heading that possible nightmare off.

    It could be seen as a way to bypass trade tariffs/exchange rates/taxes, or any number of other, no so legal schemes.

    I would not be surprised if this is mostly a legal covering of their butt on this one..

  • joewaylo

    Maybe because it’s Peer to Peer lending for ages 4+?

    Heaven forbid these are children who are giving strangers $47 and turning into an exploitation. There’s no doubt parents complained about this as well. Imagine a four year old giving money to an 18+ aged adult.

  • Blake_Erickson

    “Unexplainably”. How do you even pronounce that? It’s inexplicable.