Try A Kinder, Gentler Real-Time Social Photo Sharing App, SpeakingPhoto


Speaking Photo

SpeakingPhoto is a new social photography app that lets you connect in real-time with anyone you like, using photos and recorded audio to share your special moments. Competing with Vine, Snapchat, and Digisocial, SpeakingPhoto aims to be a nicer place to be; instead of the party-atmosphere of the latter two apps, this one wants to let you record and archive the “memories, notes, and stories behind milestone moments in your personal and professional lives.”

Pretty heady stuff for a photo sharing app, right?

Instead of Vine’s six seconds of video, SpeakingPhoto has you record your voice and ambient audio and pair it with a still photo. You can share these mixed media messages on Facebook, via YouTube, to email, or to SpeakingPhoto’s own curated Gallery on the web. You can also string up to five narrated photos together to tell a story or record an entire event, using either photos in your Camera Roll or taking new ones as you go.

The team isn’t interested in growing a new social network like other photo sharing apps, but rather wants to help communities of parents, families, working groups, and colleagues share information-rich moments and ideas with both image and sound. The inspiration for the app came from seeing families watch a multi-media art presentation of the kids in a kindergarten class, and the emotional connection to the work that resulted.

“SpeakingPhoto grew out of a desire to capture the sweet and fleeting sound of children’s voices – something home videos tend to diminish,” said CEO Dawn Davis in a statement. “From there, we realized that capturing stories, and the emotions behind them, was extremely meaningful. It quickly became apparent that this App can be used in many creative, fun and compelling ways, by people all over the world.”

There are three separate versions of the SpeakingPhoto app, from a free Lite version, an iPhone version for $0.99, and an iPad version for $2.99.

Source: App Store