Tweetie And Letterpress Creator Loren Brichter Helping Design Team At Facebook



Loren Brichter is somewhat of a rockstar in the iOS app developer community. The Wall Street Journal has called him the “High Priest of App Design.” If you don’t know Brichter by name, you know him by his work: Tweetie and Letterpress.

Twitter bought Tweetie and turned it into the official Twitter app for iPhone and iPad. Letterpress is a hit word game Brichter created after he left Twitter. He also worked with a small team at Apple on the first iPhone back in 2006 and 2007. Now he’s helping out at Facebook.

Facebook designer Mike Matas today confirmed that Brichter is now working at Facebook. “Really excited to have @lorenb helping my team out at Facebook,” tweeted Matas, another influential designer who came to Facebook when the social network purchased Push Pop Press. Matas is also another Apple alumnus.

Brichter could simply be advising Matas’s design team from a distance. It has been reported that former Apple designers like Matas helped create Facebook Home, the company’s new software for Android. Facebook is believed to be in talks with Apple about bringing parts of the Home experience to iOS. Home’s Chat Heads are coming to the Facebook iOS app in an update later today.

Update: Loren Brichter politely declined a request for comment via email.

Source: @mike_matas

Image: The Verge