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Facebook Will Bring Chat Heads To iOS Today Via App Update



Even though there are rumors that Facebook and Apple might be working to bring Facebook Home to iOS, it’s hard to believe Apple would give up so much control of iOS to Facebook.

For those craving for some Facebook Home action on iOS, there’s a new Facebook app update that will bring the most buzzed-about features of Facebook Home to your iPhone: “Chat Heads.”

All Things D reports that Facebook plans to add Chat Heads to iOS devices via a Facebook app update later today. The Chat Heads feature is a small update to chatting UI. Whenever you’re cruising around in the Facebook app and a friend wants to chat with you, Chat Heads displays a small circular picture of your friend that you can tap on to dive into a conversation.

For now, Chat Heads will only appear while you’re in the Facebook app, unlike the system wide usage you can expect on Android handsets right now. Still, it’d be great if Apple implemented a similar feature for iMessages in iOS 7.

The Facebook update also includes “stickers” for chat, which are a lot like emoji, and there’s a new layout for the iPad app. The free update should be available in the App Store later today.


Source: ATD