TodoMovies 2 Is The iPhone App Every Movie Lover Needs


TodoMovies 2 iPhone

How many times have you seen a trailer for an upcoming movie and thought, “That looks interesting. I’ll have to see that!” Then it hits the theaters, goes to DVD, and you forget about it until it shows up in the Walmart bin months later.

Since I reviewed the original version of TodoMovies last summer, I’ve continued to use the app to keep track of movies I want to watch. Today TodoMovies 2 was released in the App Store with some great feature additions. This is the iPhone app every movie lover needs.

TodoMovies lets you add upcoming or previously released movies to your watch list. The app can send you a push notification when a movie you want to watch hits theaters. Version 2.0 lets you customize when you get the notification and add a custom note.

TodoMovies 2 2

The developers behind TodoMovies have addresses most of the app’s early problems with today’s “blockbuster” update. Discovery has been made easier by allowing you to browse by upcoming, in theaters, or genre. The TodoMovies team has also started hand-picking great movies to feature.

That brings me to the best new feature: improved ratings support. When you view the details for a movie, an overall TodoMovies 5-star rating is displayed. That rating is based on a collection of scores from Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix, and Swipe from right to left to drill down and see ratings from each source. Rotten Tomatoes ratings are even divided by critics and general audience.

There are some supplemental features in this update that really enhance the overall experience. You can now browse movie photos and view all related content in the iTunes Store (soundtracks, iBooks, games, etc.). iCloud syncing has also been added to keep your to-watch list in sync between iOS devices.

TodoMovies 2 is available in the App Store now for $1.99.

Source: App Store