This Might Be The Worst Fake iPhone 6 Prototype We’ve Seen Yet [Image]



We’ve seen a lot of nutty fake iPhone prototype mockups. Most of them are based off the whims of some artsy designer, but this lastest concept is a even whackier because it’s a Photoshop rendering based off an actual Apple patent. 

In the future, smartphones might look like this. I sure hope not. What’s the benefit of having a slightly curved display rather than a flat surface? Won’t videos look weird and distorted on a curved display? Plus, what’s up with the volume rocker on the edge of the display? If anything, Apple’s latest patent shows us that while some ideas might look cool on paper, the actual product would be a joke.



Source: NoWhereElse

  • lambaline

    Looks pretty slick, but I don’t know how it feels in the hand…

  • Guest

    The OS would have to be completely reimagined for this to ever work. But either way, it looks very stupid, and utterly pointless compared 5

  • joewaylo

    The width of the device is horrible too. Looks like a very long candy bar. The video would be stretched out.