What Will The 4-Inch iPhone 5 Look Like? Here Are 12 Possible Designs [Gallery]


Will the iPhone 5 look something like this?


Almost every tech publication there is has been claiming that the next iPhone will have a 4-inch screen, culminating with the Wall Street Journal‘s report today basically confirming it, but there’s still a lot of debate over how Apple will make the screen larger without bringing on a lot of extra bulk to the device. Should they make it taller? Wider? What about making room for LTE?

Here are 12 cool iPhone 5 concepts that envision what Apple’s next iPhone might look like. If you want to know what we think, though, check out this opinion piece we wrote for Wired on why we think the 4inch iPhone makes a lot of sense.

iPhone SJ


iPhone 5 LM


Das Neue iPhone 


Gizmodo:Nak iPhone 5


The Impossibly Thin iPhone 5


ADR Studio 


Render Creativity Liquid Metal iPhone


Ciccarese Design



Fuse Chicken






4-inch iPhone 5 next to iPhone 4S