The Mummy Is Quite Possibly The Best Silicone Case For iPad Mini [Review]


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I’m a big fan of Loop Attachment’s Mummy cases for the iPhone — they’re probably the best silicone cases you can get — so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Mummy case for iPad mini when it was announced at CES back in January.

Mummy by Loop Attachment
Category: Cases
Works With: iPad mini
Price: $30

Just like its smaller siblings, it’s made almost entirely from a soft, coated silicone that provides impact protection from those inevitable dings and drops. It’s also the first envoloping silicone case that’s designed to be compatible with the iPad mini’s Smart Cover, and the Mummy’s built-in magnets will keep your Smart Cover pinned back while your device is in use.

The Mummy has been carefully designed to show off the Apple logo on the back of your device, as well as provide access to all of your buttons, ports, and speakers while still protecting your iPad mini from head to toe. It’s available now in black, blue, graphite, red, and teal, with a white model available for pre-order.

I’ve been testing the Mummy for around a month to find out whether it’s worth its $30 price tag.

The Good

Like other silicone cases, the Mummy aims to provide you with a simple solution for protecting your beloved iPad mini from almost everything you might throw at it from day to day. But unlike other silicone cases that you can buy for $10 on eBay, it does so while looking good, and without feeling cheap and tacky.

Works great with your Smart Cover.
Works great with your Smart Cover.

The Mummy’s unique design is only available from Loop Attachment — you won’t find it anywhere else — and its textures provide you with improved grip to prevent accidental drops. The Apple logo on the back of your iPad mini is left exposed, so that you can still see it, but the silicone around it is thick enough to prevent any damage during a tumble.

The Mummy’s best feature is that it is Smart Cover compatible, so you can still use your Smart Cover to protect your iPad’s display when it’s not in use.

The Mummy for iPad mini employs the same, high-quality silicone as the iPhone versions. It’s soft and smooth, and it doesn’t stick; you can slip it into and out of your bag without any extra effort. It’s also super light.

Your sleep/wake button and the volume buttons are covered by the silicone, but they don’t become any more difficult to press.

The Mummy’s best feature is that it is Smart Cover compatible, so you can still use your Smart Cover to protect your iPad’s display when it’s not in use. But rather than exposing one side of your iPad and leaving it open to the elements, the Mummy keeps it protected; its silicone is just slightly thinner to ensure your Smart Cover magnets still stick.

And when your iPad’s in use, the Mummy’s built-in magnets on its right side will hold your Smart Cover against your device, so that it doesn’t get in your way.

The Bad

The Mummy aims to be super protective, which means it’s thick in places — particularly around its edges. This is great if you’re clumsy and you drop your iPad a lot, but it means that the case is a tad bulky. With the Smart Cover attached, it’s roughly around twice as thick as a naked iPad mini.

An iPad mini in the Mummy vs. a naked iPad mini.
An iPad mini in the Mummy vs. a naked iPad mini.

This also means that the silicone impedes the Smart Cover magnets somewhat. They still work, and they’ll still wake your iPad and put it back to sleep — but you’ll find your Smart Cover’s grip on the front of your device isn’t quite as strong, and it’ll sometimes flop open when you don’t want it to.

Finally, the Mummy does attract a bit of fluff and dirt here and there, which is something you’d expect from silicone. It’s nowhere near as much as you’d get from cheaper silicone cases, but every so often you’ll want to pull the Mummy off and run it under a faucet.

The Verdict

I’ve really enjoyed using the Mummy case for iPad mini. It’s slightly bulkier than iPad mini cases I’d usually use, but it gives me extra peace of mind. I don’t mind handing my device to the kids so much anymore, because I know it’s well protected.

The Mummy also looks good, and I love that I can still use my Smart Cover with it — every iPad case should offer Smart Cover compatibility if it doesn’t have its own front cover. It’s also nicely priced at $30.

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Product Name: Mummy
The Good: Unique, good-looking, protective, and Smart Cover compatible.
The Bad: Slightly bulky, picks up a bit of fluff.
The Verdict: The best silicone case for iPad mini you’ll find, and only $30.
Buy from: Loop Attachment