iOS 7 Is Running Behind As Apple Pulls Engineers Off OS X 10.9 To Finish It [Rumor]



There’s a great discussion unfolding over on Branch between some Apple reporters about the future release date of iOS 7.

According to the sources of those involved in the discussion, Jony Ive’s fingerprints will be all over iOS 7, the only problem is it’s taking longer to develop than originally planned. In fact, Apple might have even pulled engineers away from OS X 10.9 to work on it.

In the Branch discussion, John Gruber dropped the following insights about iOS 7:

“What I’ve heard: iOS 7 is running behind, and engineers have been pulled from OS X 10.9 to work on it.”

He also says that there are certain iOS engineers with carry privileges for iOS 7, but to keep the UI a secret, their iPhones have a polarizing filter attached so that it “greatly decreases viewing angles, thus making it difficult for observers to see the apparently rather significant system-wide UI overhaul.”

Apple’s notorious for keeping new projects a secret from its own employees, so we wouldn’t be shocked if Gruber’s claim is true. Others in the discussion point out that all the changes made by Ive will make many users really happy by tossing out the rich-textures that Scott Forstall championed.

A super clean and minimalist update to iOS sounds like a dream come true to Apple fans who have become a bit bored with iOS’ UI that hasn’t changed much since its introduction in 2007. But is it worth delaying OS X 10.9 to get it out on time?

The Branch discussion also dives into when the next Apple keynote will be held, with a chorus of Apple pundits saying they’ve heard Apple will hold a keynote in April to introduce a new iPad. There’s also some tidbits on the iPhone 5S having a biometric scanner. You can read all the details over at Branch.


Source: Branch

  • jameshicks

    Jony Ive is Design – why are his “fingerprints all over iOS 7”?

  • Steven Quan

    Jony Ive is Design – why are his “fingerprints all over iOS 7”?

    Ive has been in charge of both hardware and software design since Nov of 2012. It happened after Scott Forstall was fired in late Oct 2012. This is going to be a big change for not only iPhone, but iPad as well and I think I’m going to love it.

  • TheAMReport

    One of the biggest things that I hear when people complain about Apple, besides prices, is that their iPhones have been “boring” them because they haven’t changed the UI.

  • lwdesign1

    Anyone “bored” with either the Mac OS or iOS isn’t there to actually use the equipment in their lives to get things done or improve their lifestyle. They’re change junkies who are always whining for “something different”. These are the same kids who two hours after summer holidays have begun, start complaining to Mom that they’re bored. Instead of creating their own fun, they expect someone or something to entertain them.

    Yes, it’s great to see what Apple will come up with next, but neither OS is ever boring. I’m excited to see what Jon Ive has brought to the iOS party. I have the greatest respect for Jon’s hardware design, and expect to be very pleased with his attention to simplicity and detail.

  • Mystakill

    Lovely. He’s already botched up the MacBook “Pro” by streamlining it so that it’s so thin as to prevent end-user upgrades. I can only imagine how austerely bland iOS 7 will be…