Apple Launching New Marketing Push For Final Cut Pro X To Win Over Professionals


Final Cut Pro X

It has been two years since Apple debuted the completely redesigned Final Cut Pro X in the Mac App Store for only $300. Final Cut Pro X was a simplified, barebones version of the $700 workhorse that came before it, and Apple managed to lose the faith of many media professionals in one fell swoop. Although Apple has continued to add big features to the new Final Cut over the years, many pro users have abandoned it for other alternatives.

Apple is beginning a new Final Cut marketing push to win back the hearts of professionals, according to a new report.

The LA Times has learned that Apple is beginning a marketing campaign for Final Cut to coincide with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention that starts April 6th. NAB is considered the premiere trade show for professional broadcasters. Apple’s campaign will focus on individual professionals who still use Final Cut Pro X today, like Julian Liurette, a video editor at the Globe and Mail newspaper.

Starting Thursday, the company plans to begin posting three stories on its website, including Liurette’s, aimed at changing the minds of folks like Miller by demonstrating how sophisticated users have embraced Final Cut Pro X. The stories will also feature Tsui Hark, one of the biggest names in Hong Kong cinema, and TV Azteca, which produces thousands of telenovela episodes every year.

The videos don’t appear to be on Apple’s website yet, but there are 4 other stories that show Final Cut in action.

Apple told the LA Times that Final Cut Pro X is the “most downloaded version of the software ever,” but that isn’t surprising when you consider that it is only available for digital download. There was a lot of backlash when Apple decided to stop updating Final Cut Pro 7, and many former users have since switched to competitors like Adobe Premiere.

Source: LA Times