iPhone To Play “Prominent” Role At T-Mobile Event Tomorrow [Rumor]



T-Mobile is set to hold a press conference tomorrow about its new, contract-free wireless plans, and it so happens that the carrier recently entered an agreement with Apple to officially sell the iPhone in 2013. Since the iPhone 5 hasn’t been made available on the network yet, T-Mobile has been waiting for the right time to showcase the device.

According to a new report, the iPhone will be front and center at T-Mobile’s press event tomorrow.

CNET reports:

Apple’s flagship device, long a gap in T-Mobile’s smartphone line-up, will play a prominent role in tomorrow’s “Uncarrier” event, according to a person familiar with the launch plans.

The iPhone “will be the marquee product illustrating its new no-contract, no subsidy rules, where a customer pays a small fee upfront and pays a monthly charge on top of the service plan to cover the phone costs,” according to CNET.

T-Mobile will use the iPhone to boost its brand, keep existing customers from leaving, and most importantly, attract new customers. The carrier is also expected to unveil its LTE network tomorrow, which will help sell the iPhone 5. The availability of the iPhone on T-Mobile is still up in the air, but it looks like we’ll be getting more info very soon.

Source: CNET