T-Mobile Unveils New “Uncarrier” Contract-Free Data Plans Ahead of Next iPhone


T-Mobile's new mantra.
T-Mobile's new mantra.

We’ve known that T-Mobile was doing away with two-year phone contracts for quite some time, but exact details haven’t been revealed until today. Unlike the other big U.S. carriers (AT&T, Verizon and Sprint), T-Mobile isn’t doing subsidized, two-year contracts for smartphones anymore. Instead, you pay as you go—and the monthly rates look very good.

T-Mobile is holding a big press event in two days to officially take the wraps off what it’s calling the “Uncarrier” strategy. While unsubsidized plans will give subscribers more flexibility, the tradeoff will likely be higher upfront prices for new smartphone purchases.

Here’s the breakdown of T-Mobile’s no-contract pricing. Each plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and tethering:

  • 500MB for $50
  • 2.5GB for $60
  • Unlimited with only 500MB of included tethering for $70
  • 4.5GB for $70
  • 6.5GB for $80
  • 8.5GB for $90
  • 10.5GB for $100
  • 12.5GB for $110

The $70 unlimited plan is particularly attractive when you consider that there’s no two-year contract. Data will be throttled when you surpass the threshold for whatever plan you choose, but there won’t be any overage fees.

T-Mobile’s biggest downside is its lack of LTE coverage, but the carrier is working to add a lot of cities this year.

Back in December, T-Mobile announced that it had finally inked a partnership with Apple to sell the iPhone in 2013. Since the iPhone 5 hasn’t been made available yet, it looks like T-Mobile is waiting for Apple to unveil the iPhone 5S later this year.

Source: T-Mobile

Via: The Verge

  • DarekSlaby

    These plans don’t make sense..why is unlimited data cheaper than 12GB? Why would anyone pay for 12gb of data when they can get unlimited for $70

  • Adrayven

    @ DarekSlaby

    All the plans, with the exception of the unlimited, allow for the same amount of tethering as the data indicates. You don’t pay extra anymore for tethering. Used to be an extra $15.

    The unlimited plan only includes 500mb. Honestly, I’m stunned they included any tethering on the unlimited plan.

    It comes down to numbers.. Those with tethering tend to actually use the data they are allocated. Be that with laptops, tablets, etc. Those without, or very little tethering tend to not use nearly as much data.

    Basically, they are playing the odds on who uses the data the most based on if you need a larger tethering plan than what unlimited includes.

  • joewaylo

    They probably learned from AT&T since the iPhone will skyrocket their data centers. But they are charging less than them though as AT&T charges you $120 sharing 10 GBs plus $35 a phone.

  • calmasacow

    The plans are not very impressive for not covering the phone. I mean, considering how bad Tmobiles service is, I would much rather pay the extra few bucks a month and have a nice phone every 2 years and have good dependable converage.

    I Honestly don’t understand what some of these data-whores are doing on their phones. I share 4GB with my wife and I have never come close to to using it up. Only thing I can figure is that they are on netflix and hulu or you tube all day without connecting to WIFI. That is the only time I have ever heard of someone hitting their limit. That or tethering to their phone and trying to torrent or something.

    I think that a lot of the aversion to contracts is that people to fully read them and get hit with things that they didn’t expect. which is not the carriers fault. The only carrier that ever hosed me was sprint that I had documented proof of double billing on multiple occasions to the point where they finally let me out of my contract because they were tired of hearing me complain.

  • technochick

    Through a business deal with AT&T my employer (who pays for us to have phones for business needs) pays like $35 a phone for unlimited talk, text and 2gb of data on our bought full price and unlocked iPhones. THAT is more what the prices should look like if T-Mobile really wants to impress anyone.

    That said, when I look at my personal phone to get that kind of service I’m looking at $110 a month and that’s with only 300mb of data (AT&T doesn’t offer 500). So compared to that, if T-Mobile gets true iPhone support they may win over some folks even with the requirement that you bring your own device. Even taking off the $20 that should be subsidy payback (although it doesn’t get taken off once you hit 24 months) you are still paying a lot less

  • technochick

    These plans don’t make sense..why is unlimited data cheaper than 12GB? Why would anyone pay for 12gb of data when they can get unlimited for $70

    If I understand the terms correctly they aren’t throttled and they can tether that full amount. Unlike the unlimited where they can only tether half a GB and are presumably throttled after the 4.5 GB of the other $70 plan

  • onevoicemobile

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