iOS 6.1.3 Causing Battery Life Issues For Some Users



Apple made its iOS 6.1.3 update available to the public last week, quashing a lock screen security flaw that allowed a passcode lock to be bypassed with a few simple taps. But the update also introduced a number of problems of its own. Not only do we now have a new lock screen security flaw, but some users are also suffering battery life issues.

Since installing the latest firmware, users have been flocking to Twitter to report that they’ve noticed their batteries are draining noticeably faster. Many have also been complaining about the issue on Apple’s Support Communities forum.

“Last night I updated my iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1.3 and now it drains my battery in extremely fast manner,” one user wrote. “As I started signing in to write this question from my iPhone I already lost 13 percent of my battery. I never had a problem with a battery and I’ve been using iPhones since the first one.”

“I am too losing 1 percent of battery every few mins,” another user said. “I’ve completely erased all content and settings and started as new but it’s still no good.”

And many more users have echoed these complaints. At the time of writing this piece, the “iOS 6.1.3 battery drainage” thread has had more than 5,200 views, and more than 60 replies. Furthermore, the issue seems to be affecting users completely at random; it’s not attributed to certain devices, or certain carriers.

Some users have reported that they’ve been able to reduce battery drain by performing a hard reset and cycling their battery. But others have attempted this and not seen any improvement.

Have you seen any battery life issues with iOS 6.1.3? Let us know in the comments.

Via: ZDNet

  • Jonathan Ober

    Mine has been draining quickly but I don’t know if that is 6.1.3 or too much Real Racing 3 :)

  • moggua

    If my battery since the update I was told something strange longest after the third day I caught more iphone and I had to change the battery which is weird because the iphone is new

  • gnomehole

    Just do a network reset. This works for me 99 out of 100 times I think I’m having battery issues. The other 1 time it just needs to be restarted.

  • darkhuntress

    Same here. I am experiencing a notable battery drain since I updated the iOS.

  • BrainGameMayhem

    Same here. Charging my 4S at least twice daily.

  • Zeteboy

    I knew it couldn’t be just me. You’d think I’d learn not to update just because it was released.

  • barraoul

    Check your screen brightness after this update. Mine was reset to full brightness, a known battery killer.

  • _steviet_

    iPhone 5 user, have also found a drastic power drain since installing IOS 6.1.3. Apple need to sort this problem once and for all.

  • toecutter

    Have *remained* on 6.0.2, happily jail-FREE :-) … last check on battery: 32% left – 8h:44 min of usage, 1day:3hr of standby. No updates for me. Doing just fine.

  • ImAndrewSmith

    Whew, I was starting to think I was going crazy. I have changed nothing about my phone usage, and I return home from work with 25%-50% less battery. I used to get home with 50%-75% battery left, easily. Now, I get home with 25%-35% battery left. Annoying, since I feel like I’m ruining my battery by charging it randomly (Unplugging it mid-charge if I need to leave the house again, etc.)

  • jimh

    Installed the latest ios 6.1.3 2 days ago on my iphone 4 and it immediately drained my battery. Got it to fully charge 1 time. Now it has drained it completely and even with it turned off and plugged in all night the phone is dead. Now what?