Chipotle iPhone App Receives A Most Crucial Update, Really


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Did you know that Chipotle had an iPhone app? Well it does, and that app allows you to order from your iPhone and skip the line when you arrive to inhale your burrito goodness. It’s a beautiful idea, but the app itself has not been so beautiful for the past few years. Today Chipotle updated its app with iPhone 5 support, the ability to select brown rice, and so, so much more.

In Gizmodo’s truly fantastic post on this update, Sam Biddle reminds the world that this is the Chipotle app’s first update since 2009. That’s crazy, and it means this app has been designed for the iPhone 3GS until today. Welcome to 2013.

Also, Chipotle is just now adding support for the Spanish language, which is dumb. Chipotle fans from Canada, UK and Paris can now order via the app. You can pay for your meat, cheese and sour cream with a gift card. Nutritional and allergen info has been added. Did I mention the brown rice?

All this is truly monumental. Biddle sums it up best:

It makes ingesting something tasty enjoyable by stripping out the physical and emotional annoyances—lines, waiting, talking to people, touching money—and replacing them with a screen. It’s just a burrito app, but it’s a burrito app that will make you feel like a Latin American superman, who can summon food with his fingers, knows not the feeling of coinage, and skips to the front of the line. Every app should aim so high.

Source: App Store

Via: Gizmodo