Imangi Studios And Disney Partner Up Again To Release Temple Run: Oz


Temple Run Oz iPhone

The wildly successful Temple Run franchise is at it again with a new version based on the Oz The Great and Powerful Disney movie directed by Sam Raimi. Temple Run: Oz is built on Temple Run 2 but features some unique gameplay that’s appropriately themed for the coinciding movie release this Friday.

This isn’t the first time the small company behind Temple Run, Imangi Studios, has partnered with Disney; Temple Run: Brave was released last year.

The Oz version of Temple Run is exactly what you would expect in terms of gameplay, only the world of the game looks much different. If you’re a Temple Run addict, this new iteration should be a nice change of pace.

Temple Run 2 was the fastest downloaded mobile game in history. Imangi definitely knows how to make a hit.

Temple Run: Oz is available now for $1 in the App Store.

Source: App Store