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Over 14M Devices Have Been Jailbroken With Evasi0n [Jailbreak]



Here’s an interesting number for you: just a month after release, the Evasi0n jailbreak has already cracked wide open an astonishing 14 million iOS devices. Considering there’s only 23 million iDevices running jailbreaks across all iOS versions, that means that the vast majority of jailbroken devices are running a flavor of iOS 6.1.

Don’t get too impressed though. Jailbreakers are still just a drop in the pond compared to the number of iOS devices in the wild. Last quarter, Apple sold 75 million iOS devices, making jailbreakers just a drop in Apple’s ocean.

Never the less, all signs are looking right now like the days of jailbreaking may soon to be coming to an end. It’s taking the Dev Team longer and longer to jailbreak the latest iOS version, and it’s increasingly looking as if Apple might soon shut out (at least amateur) jailbreakers once and for all.

Source: Twitter
Via: Slashgear