Nearly 7 Million iOS Devices Have Been Jailbroken By Evasion In The Last Four Days


Evasi0n Jailbreak iPhone 5

The evasion jailbreak took longer than any other iOS jailbreak to come out, but it appears that the wait was worth it for millions of iOS users.

After only four days of being available to the public, nearly 7 million iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch owners have bulldozed through Apple’s walled garden and jailbroken their devices so they can customize each and every facet of their experience.

Jay Freeman, the administrator of Cydia, told Forbes that as of Thursday night the app store for jailbroken devices had received visits from 5.15 million iPhones, 1.35 million iPads, and 400,000 iPod touches that had been jailbroken by evasion.

Evasion is the first jailbreaking software for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.1. Freeman says that Cydia has received “insanely more new traffic” than the last jailbreak tool Absinthe, even though he doesn’t have exact figures.

The popularity of the evasion jailbreak has been aided by the fact that there are more iOS devices in the world now than ever before. Apple sold 136 million iPhones in 2012 alone. However, Jay Freeman argues that evasions popularity stems from the fact that Apple has locked down its system.

“Smart phones have become more and more popular, but they’ve maintained a closed experience that makes it difficult for people to get what they want. Therefore people have needed to turn to jailbreaking to fill the gap.”

If you’re interested in joining the masses of jailbreakers that have already taken the plunge to unlock their iPhones, just follow Cult of Mac’s official jailbreaking guide. We also have it in video form if you’d rather see it step-by-step.


Source: Forbes

  • Whodakat

    Question. What can an android do that a jailbroken iPhone can’t? I hear all the clamoring about the customizations that you can do on your Android. Never been a big deal to me, but I was bored yesterday and decided to jailbreak my iPhone. It appears pretty much everything is customizable… so what is the draw to Android again?

  • Buster

    @whodakat well you don’t have to wait 136 days for a jailbreak for Android to be released in order to get that customization ability. So there’s that…

  • joshua_r_cooper

    @buster Which iphone case is that in the picture of the iphone?

  • Buster

    @joshcooper not sure. i think that’s alex heath’s iphone

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

    I jailbroke my iphone 5 and ipad mini. I downloaded a few of Alex Heath’s recommended apps and I’m NOT impressed. I’ve found things that I dislike about every app that I’ve installed on my jailbroken iPhone. NCSettings is only visible half the time I use my iPhone and Swipe totally screws up the way your alarm works. I think I’ll be going back.

  • tradex

    @ Josh the case is Incase CL69036 Slider Case for iPhone 5 – White