Here’s What Apple’s iWatch Might Look Like According To Concept Designers [Gallery]




Over the last couple months, we’ve seen Apple fanboys’ obsession move away from an Apple TV set, and focus on the iWatch. As rumors have ramped up that Apple might make their own wearable computer very soon, people have wondered what an iWatch might look like.

We’ve seen a lot of concept renderings of iWatches over the past two years, and while many of them have been a bit crazy, some are pretty neat and feasible. We don’t really know much about the iWatch other than it will have a curved glass display and be worn on the wrist, but if you combine a few aspects from each of these concepts, you might get a ballpark idea of what the iWatch will look like.

 The Guardian iWatch


This is what the iWatch will look like according to The Guardian. While the rendering of the iWatch itself is rather crude, the concept does nail the rumored feature set: Siri, Corning’s curved Willow Glass, health monitoring, and direct connectivity with other iOS devices.

The graphic also mentions the possibility of a low-power Bluetooth system for charging that would be developed in collaboration with Intel. Last year it was rumored that Apple was working closely with Intel on a smartwatch.

Part Dick Tracy, Part Blade Runner


ADR Studios has churned out a few iWatch concepts over the last two years. While their latest concept doesn’t have a curved display, the device looks really good.

According to ADR, the iWatch would come stock with Wi-Fi-, Bluetooth, 32GB of internal storage, a FaceTime camera and various widgets for RSS and weather. The iWatch would be made out of polycarbonate, aluminum, Kevlar and PK2, so it’d pretty much be indestructible. Oh yeah, and did I mention it has a micro-projector on the side?


The iSiri Smartwatch


Honestly, this is the most ridiculous concept we’ve ever seen. The hardware of Federico Ciccarese’s iSiri Smartwatch is silly. Apple’s never going to design a smart watch that looks like this. However, Federico might be on to something by having the entire watch controlled by Siri.

Think about how small that curved glass display is going to be and imagine trying to interact with the touchscreen. It’s going to suck. Apple’s going to need Siri to handle a lot of the user input for the iWatch while the screen just display’s information. So while the iSiri Smartwatch won’t look the real iWatch, the functionality might be similar. Let’s just hope Apple makes some huge improvements to Siri before it comes out.


It’s iWatch Time



Just Design Things‘ concept for the iWatch borrows a lot from the sixth generation iPod nano and iPhone. The only button on the device is the power button on the right side. You can swap out the wrist band to whatever color you like. It also has a “body sensor” on the back to get fitness data on the user and help them be health.

It also has the standard features Siri, FaceTime, AirPlay, Nike+, Google Maps, and tons of other software features. It’s not a mind blowing concept, but the longer display and swappable wristbands seem pretty likely.


iWatch by Esben Oxholm


When Esben Oxholm created his recent iWatch concept he decided to make it as simple as possible. It features black metal and rubber wristband. The display is shiny while the body is matte. And it has the rumored curved display.

Oxholm’s concept is probably the closest to what the iWatch will actually look like, though I think Apple’s watch will be more oval in shape rather than a perfect circle. This concept almost looks like a bulked up Nike Fuelband, which isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Tim Cook sits on Nike’s board after all.


Nike-based iWatch




For this iWatch prototype, itswithaKay modeled the watch after Nike’s Amp watch and added some iOS elements. We like that the band gradually gets slimmer and think that’s a move Apple’s more likely to make rather than have the band be the same thickness as the display. We’re not too keen on the nasty metal clasps on the back, or the tiny display, but we figure the real deal will be more advanced.





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