Weird Rumor Says Apple & Intel Are Working On An iWatch For 2013



For a couple of glorious years, Apple’s iPod nano came in a form factor that could be worn as a watch. Then this year, as Apple is wont to do with the permanently schizo iPod nano line, Apple switched to another design entirely, leaving fans who want a bonafide iWatch in the lurch. But perhaps there is method in Apple’s madness, as a new rumor suggests that Cupertino has phased out the watch-like nano to build their own Bluetooth Smart Watch for 2013.

German blog Mobile Geeks spins off a rumor from a Chinese site to speculate that Apple and Intel are working together on a Bluetooth Smart Watch for 2013.

To be honest with you, the rumor doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s true that Apple has rolled out Bluetooth 4.0 to its line-up of Macs of iDevices, and one of Bluetooth 4.0’s best features is a low-power mode that makes it a perfect candidate for keeping your watch constantly in communication with your laptop, tablet or smartphone. It’s also easy to see how a dedicated iWatch could communicate with your devices to make your life more convenient: imagine changing tracks or reading a text message using your watch to communicate with the iPhone in your pocket!

But why would Intel be involved with all of this? A watch doesn’t need an x86 cpu: if anything, it needs an even weaker and less powerful CPU than the one that powers your iPhone. Using Bluetooth 4.0, all of the processor intensive stuff can actually be offloaded to a connected device. And why would Apple ink a deal for more chips with Intel when Cupertino is doing everything possible to bring chip design and fab in-house?

It’s a wild rumor, and I suspect it has the details all wrong. Still, Apple made a big deal about how the Nano could be worn as a watch, only to backpedal just a couple generations later. More over, there was clearly a market for an iWatch. Maybe Apple saw the success of the nano-as-watch and thought it was time for a dedicated product instead?

Source: Mobile Geeks
Thanks: Sascha P!

  • ctt1wbw

    Should be called iTime instead.

  • dcdevito

    If this is true Apple is halfway in the toilet. What a joke.

  • lambaline

    link at bottom dosen’t work

  • Martin Dobson

    I’ll b first in line if this ever comes to fruition. As a future Electrician I like the idea of being connected by a $100-ish BT watch then by having my $600 iPhone out in the open. I’d like to have the iPhone secured away in a secured pouch and then use an “iWatch” for everyday use, especially with the bumps and bangs that tradesmen have the potential to do to electronics. Replacing an iWatch would be much more cost effective than a iPhone.

  • Wirehedd

    They’ll call it “iKron” (chronometer) and sell it in 5 lickable colours with a lightning cable connector to plug in and charge every night with your iphone. The Executive Charcoal model will cost an extra $50, have a hand tooled leather band and have 16GB of onboard storage while the standard will come with a plastic band and only 4GB. There won’t be a white model. The FaceTime Camera will be a full 720p but will only work with iPhone5 and up.

    I’m just guessing too.:)