Mastering The iPhone To Be A Better Partner [iOS Tips]


Accept. Totally.
Accept. Totally.

Guys, gals, ladies, gentlemen! In order to keep that special someone in your life, you’ve got to work on your relationship. I know! It’s Scary! However, there are many iPhone apps out there to point you in the right direction. So, while cooking the perfect meal, dressing well, and bathing regularly are important, if you’re a selfish jerk on the inside, it won’t matter.

With that in mind, check out the following three apps that will help you connect and communicate to become a better person and partner in your own right. Still, bathe regularly, ok?


Duet by Crush + Lovely aims to be that special place where you and your partner can emote at each other in private. You can send cute little messages, called duets, to your current or potential partners, propose ideas for new romantic ideas, send personal video messages, and build a collaborative list of all the things you’ve done with and to each other in your endless love-fest. Once you pair with another person in a duet, you can add notes, photos, and videos in a sort of digital lockbox that gets saved forever.

Remembering the ones closest to you every day is the point, on Valentine’s Day and every day, and Duet seems like a delightful, intentional way to do just that, using a little app technology to support the process. And, like all the best things in life, it’s free.

Duet – App Store

Mi iPhone es su iPhone, no?
Mi iPhone es su iPhone, no?

Oddly named social app Avocado is another sweet couple-centric app that encourages and supports you to stay connected with your partner wherever you may be. It’s a private space for the two of you to collect memories and life experiences. It features fast, private messaging, photos and a shared media gallery, shared lists for things like groceries or new ideas for date night, and data encryption for those racy pictures you send to your special lover across the continent while away on business. There are fun little stickers to put on drawings and sketches you can create right in the app, and even hugs and kisses to “send to your boo, making their day.”

Free app Avocado was created by a husband-and-wife team to help other couples create beautiful and secure digital experiences. They named it after the avocado fruit because it grows in pairs, only bears fruit when paired with another tree or grown in a family, and was the symbol of love and fertility to the ancient Aztecs. The more you know, right?

Avocado – App Store

I wonder what her mood meter is?
I wonder what her mood meter is?

Did you know that one of the best ways to be a better partner is to listen to and express feelings? Well, Tokii plans to help you do just that with an app centered on communication between you and that special someone, whether you’re in the beginning of the relationship, or at an advanced anniversary. Tokii provides games, interactive play, and relationship advice for you all within this one free app. The content is created by a team of experts for different relationship types: just met, long distance, newlywed, or long term relationship.

There’s a mood meter to help you both communicate how you feel on a given day, or just send a playful love note. You can play discovery games on your own (knowing yourself is important, too!) or compare and compete with a partner. The app syncs up with the website, so it’s always available, wherever you are.

Tokii – App Store


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