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Mastering The iPhone To Become A Better Lover: Fashion [iOS Tips]


I look *just* like this guy. No. No I don't.
I look *just* like this guy. No. No I don't.

Fashion! It’s something we all either dread or avoid, right? Ok, maybe not all of us. But what of those among you who have no clue how to dress up for a fancy date or dinner or night out? How will you ever find out?

iPhone apps, of course! Whether you’re gearing up for a fancy night on the town for Valentine’s Day or beginning a more thorough process of bringing your wardrobe up to date, here are three apps that will help you increase your sartorial intelligence just a bit more, making you even more desirable to those you want to impress

Tie & Mirror
Over and under? Or was that under, then over? Gah!
Over and under? Or was that under, then over? Gah!

Here’s an app that can help anyone needing to put a tie on correctly learn how it’s done. Whether you’re putting a tie on your own neck or helping someone else get it right, Tie & Mirror provides ten different knots, both simple and complex, to wrap that tie around your neck, or the neck of someone special, in just the right way. The app uses the front camera to provide visual feedback on the same screen as the instructions, letting you use the app in just about any situation. Don’t have a mirror handy? Tie & Mirror to the rescue! Seems like if you need help tying that tie, Tie & Mirror is a bargain at $0.99.

Whether or not your date is a fancy one, this should help you present well, fooling whomever you might be meeting into sticking around for a bit.

Tie & Mirror – App Store

Frank and Oak
The power in the palm of your hand!
The power in the palm of your hand!

This one’s for the men in the room, because let’s face it, we need as much help as we can get in dressing ourselves. Clothing company, Modasuite, created a website, called Frank & Oak. Basically, it’s a personalized men’s fashin magazine, with a $50 monthly membership and newsletter. You enter your clothing prefs, read the fashion tips and articles, and–once a month–you’ll get up to five items sent to you for free. You try them on, send back the stuff you don’t like (again, without shipping cost), and pay for the things you want to keep. Most items are under $50, as well, so you’re not ordering super expensive hoodies from some designer that’s out to steal your money.

The mobile app recreates the online experience, letting you keep all your preferences and sign in info in your pocket, as well as accessing the site in a more mobile friendly way. With the iPhone app, you’ll be able to shop by category, tag your favorite items for later browsing, share and earn store credit, redeem gift cards, get push notifications for new stuff, and share your favorites on Facebook and Twitter, you clothes horse, you.

Frank & Oak – App Store


Once you’ve started buying those ties and super stylish threads, you’ll need a way to organize them so you can mix and match on the fly. Remembering which shirt goes with which pants, cardigan, or hoodie is a lot of brain work. Why not just pass that effort along to Cloth, a slick new iPhone app that lets you take pictures of your outfits, organize and categorize them, and even share out to your adoring social network fans, earning points and badges in the process.

There’s even a new in-app upgrade that lets Cloth use real-time weather data from to help advise you as to which of your several amazing outfits you should wear based on the local weather outside. How cool is that? The upgrade also gets you some sweet photo editing and filter capabilities, as well.

This free app will certainly help all of us keep track of what’s in our closet, so we can choose the perfect outfit for that perfect Valentine’s Day date, party, or private evening in. Ooh, la la.

Cloth – App Store

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