Instashare Instantly Transfers Files Between Mac And iPhone



Ever need to quickly send a file over to your iPad from your Mac. Or from your iPad to your Mac? Or between iOS devices? Then you need Instashare, an app which also has the distinction of completing the hat-trick of Insta-apps on your iDevice (Instapaper and Instagram being the other two).

You could be sure to use iCloud-syncing apps so your documents show up where you want them to. Or you could use Dropbox. But Instashare is super quick and super easy, like a kind of AirDrop only one which actually works, and works with iOS.

Install and launch the (free, ad-supported) iPhone app on any device, and the free (beta) OS X app on your Mac. Then, on the Mac, just drag a file to the menubar icon and drop it on your iPhone (it appears in a drop-down list). To transfer the other way, choose Instashare as the “Open in…” destination from any other app, then drag the resulting file over to the Mac icon which appears. This also works between iOS devices, and should even function over Bluetooth.

It Just Works, which is exactly what you want in this kind of app. Transfers end up in the app on your iPhone, or in the downloads folder on your Mac (you can pick a different destination). It’s just about perfect, with one exception: You can pay $1 to remove the ads, but the Restore Purchase button won’t work on other devices. On the iPad you can’t scroll down to the “Restore Purchase” button and push it, and on the iPhone 5 (where the button remains visible thanks to the longer screen) the button just doesn’t work.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Still, you should go get the app now. It’s polished, and (apart from the in-app purchases) a joy to use.

Source: Instashare

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