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Logitech’s Ultraslim Keyboard Case For The iPad Mini Packs Full-Sized Keys



You know what surprised me last week? That the iPad mini is almost as capable a work computer as my Retina iPad. The screen isn’t quite as readable, and you have to wait for Safari to reload pages and for apps to cold boot more often thanks to the lack of RAM, but as a machine to write on, it works amazingly well.

Which is why Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard for the Mini is a very welcome little accessory.

I have been using the mini with either a full-sized Apple keyboard, or with a Zagg keyboard cover designed for the iPad 2. And it works great. For sheer portability, though, Logitech’s new case wins out. It has full-sized keys squished into a smaller, mini-friendly aluminum case. This has been managed primarily by shrinking non-letter keys to fit the form-factor.

Doing a full day of work on my mini is totally possible, but a little slower than I’m used to. Oddly, though, screen size isn’t the problem: as I said, it’s resolution and RAM that make it feel cramped. If Apple manages to make a mini with the current size and weight, but a Retina screen and at least a gig of RAM, I would likely ditch my ten-incher, for work at least.

Think about it this way: many of us used to write on the tiny Psion Series 5 (and the souped-up MX variant). That thing made a netbook look like a 17-inch MacBook Air, and yet I banged out countless articles on it for print. So the mini is – combined with this keyboard – like an amazing penthouse office suite.

Available for pre-order, $80.

Source: Logitech