iOS 6.1 Has Super Fast Adoption Rate According To Onswipe



Apple released iOS 6.1 Monday, and users are upgrading to the new software at a rapid pace. In under three days, just over 20% of Onswipe’s 13 million+ monthly active iOS users have updated to 6.1. Onswipe does touch-optimized website layouts for mobile devices. When iOS 6.0 came out last year, it took a week for around 44% of users to update, according to Onswipe’s data. Chikita reported similar numbers after the iOS 6.0 release.

Cult of Mac’s mobile site happens to be built by Onswipe, and the platform has brought us a 240% increase in page views on the iPad. Onswipe has seen a lot of growth by partnering with sites like ours in recent months, so their sample data is likely much more diverse this go around.

These adoption numbers aren’t exactly indicative of the entire iOS user base. The devilishly handsome and smart people who read sites like Cult of Mac are prone to update to new software quickly. And that’s because you’re awesome.

Source: TechCrunch

  • ScotHibb

    I updated all my devices and wife’s devices as soon as it was released. I noticed a few minor updates, will have to get app-specific to see any other improvements.

    I’m REALLY looking forward to a BIG improvement to iOS 6.1 coming out (hopefully) this Sunday…

  • Tom Creasey

    Every time I view the cult of mac on my iPhone I get the old mobile theme not the very nice looking onswipe version :(