Quickly Rename Any Photo Album Right On Your iPhone or iPad [iOS Tips]



Sorting your photos into albums is a great way to only show off the photos you want to to the people you want to show them off to (follow that?). It’s also the way some third party apps, like Instagram or Camera +, will sort the photos you edit within them. Renaming those albums, however, isn’t entirely intuitive. Here’s how to do it, simply and quickly, right from the comfort of your own iOS device.

On the iPhone (and the iPod touch, of course), launch the Photos app with a tap. On the screen with all the photo albums in a list, tap the Edit button in the upper right-hand corner. Now, tap right on the album name, and the iOS keyboard will slide up from the bottom. Go ahead and hit the X to delete the current album name, or tap at the end of the name to append to it. Hit the Done button to finish.

On the iPad, do the same thing, launching the Photos app. Then tap on the Albums tab at the top of the screen. Once in the Albums view, hit the Edit button in the upper right-hand corner of your iPad screen, then tap the name of the album, just below the thumbnail of that album. You’ll get the familiar iOS keyboard sliding up from the bottom, and you can tap the X inside the field to delete the current name of the album, or just tap at the end to add to it. Hit the DOne button when finished.

Via: OS X Daily