How The iPhone 5 Compares To RIM’s Upcoming BlackBerry Z10 [Video]



You may have noticed that people are making a lot fuss about Research in Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices. And so they should. BlackBerry fans have been waiting for these handsets for several years, and they have high hopes for them. Furthermore, the devices are likely to determine whether or not RIM can save itself amid increasing competition from the iPhone and Android-powered devices.

The first BB10 devices won’t get their official unveiling until later this month, but numerous handsets have already found their way out into the wild. In the video below, a leaked BlackBerry Z10 goes up against the iPhone 5 in a comparison against size and form factor, as well as features.

As you can see, the iPhone 5 is slightly thinner, and it has a more premium look and feel; there’s no plastic in sight. Having said that, I quite like the look of the BlackBerry Z10, too. The display’s a nice size — it’s not too big — and RIM appears to have kept the design as simple as possible.

In a simple voice control test, the Z10 was faster and more accurate at sending at text message. It’s also better at multitasking, offering users a live preview of active apps, rather than just displaying their icons. As for the home screens, there isn’t too much difference between them; like iOS, BB10 displays icons with names underneath. It also has a nice animation when scrolling between home screens, not too dissimilar to Android’s.

Of course, the Z10 and its software in this video may not be final versions, so we’ll reserve our judgement of it until RIM makes everything official. However, I think it’s safe to say BB10 looks like a huge improvement over its predecessors.

Source: Telekom Presse

Via: CrackBerry

  • dcj001

    So, Arnold Schwarzenegger is now reviewing smartphones, huh?

  • volodoscope

    I hope guy’s shaky hands are not because he is afraid of RIM going after him.

  • Steffen Jobbs

    I think there should be enough consumers to go around without having to worry about only one company can be successful in the smartphone business. My only concern is that so many consumers just dumped their BlackBerries a short time ago, so chances are they won’t be back until whatever smartphone they did buy becomes no longer useful to them. That could be for another year or so.

  • Robert X

    One is relevant (iPhone) and one is not?

  • Alexander530

    I hate it when then make biased comparison videos like this. There’s so many advantages that the iPhone has over the Blackberry phone, yet he was just so focused on forgettable things that the Blackberry phone can do, lol.