Apple Unveils New “Read Them Here First” Newsstand Section With Exclusive Hearst Deal


Now you can get Oprah on your iPad before anyone else.
Now you can get Oprah on your iPad before anyone else.

Hearst and Apple have partnered in Newsstand to bring 22 of Hearst’s magazines exclusively to the iPad before any other digital or retail channels. This means that new issues of magazines like Cosmopolitan, Esquire, EllePopular Mechanics, Seventeen, and more will be available in Newsstand days before anywhere else.

Darrell Etherington of TechCrunch reports:

The exclusive arrangement varies by individual publication in terms of how far in advance you’ll be able to get the various Hearst titles compared to in print and from other online storefronts like Amazon’s Kindle marketplace, but each will be available at least a few days in advance, I’m told. Existing subscribers will get early access, as well as those signing up for the first time.

Newsstand has already bode well for Hearst; the company claims to have 800,000 digital subscribers across all of the magazines it publishes. The last few weeks have been good for Newsstand, as top publications like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Rolling Stone have finally gone digital on Apple’s platform.

This deal with Hearst is a big win for Apple because Newsstand will be getting new magazine issues before any other outlet (digital or physical). It will be interesting to see if this entices other publishers, like Condé Nast, to give Apple an exclusive window to offer new issues.

Apple has posted the full list of available Hearst titles under a new “Read Them Here First” section in Newsstand.

Source: Apple

Via: TechCrunch