The Wall Street Journal Finally Comes To iOS Newsstand



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3 responses to “The Wall Street Journal Finally Comes To iOS Newsstand”

  1. extra_medium says:

    I thought half the point of reading the WSJ was to have people see you reading it. This will be harder on the iPad, and is especially concerning for those with an iPad mini.

  2. robert_walter says:

    I was looking forward to this, but am disappointed in the offering… For the higher price, I don’t get access to back issues which I think is possible if I purchase direct from wsj for like 2/3 of the cheaper price and substantially less than the higher price.

  3. Lochias says:

    The Journal is not new to the iPad, just to Newstand.
    The NY Times, Post, and now the WSJ are in Newstand.
    The Washington Post, USA Today, etc. have separate apps, not updated within Newstand.

    When you are reading any one of them, there’s not much difference, and no difference at all for the people “watching.”

    Yes, print has a much more peacockian display.

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