Who Wore It Best: Ashton Or Steve? [Gallery]



It’s been said about 120,386 times now, but holy crap, Ashton Kutcher really does look like Steve Jobs. This latest comparison almost got me excited about his movie. Like, Ashton looks impeccable as Steve Jobs, and because he’s got all those years of modeling under his belt, I’m gonna go ahead and say yes, Ashton is wearing that vest and tie combo better than El Jobso himself did.

I don’t wanna get ahead of myself, but maybe this really is the role he was born to play. Maybe jOBS won’t suck as badly as I claimed it will. If looks alone win you the Grand Jury Prize at Sundace (they don’t), then I think Ashton’s on his way. As for Woz, well, Josh Gad’s portrayal is embarrassing so far. The costume director couldn’t find him a denim shirt so they dressed him up in paisleys?

Here are some other Jobs vs Ashton comparison photos for good measure:








Image: Reddit


  • MrsCleaver

    Interesting. All the actors, both in Hollywood and many more everywhere else, and they choose someone who couldn’t look less like Steve Wozniak. Bet there’s an app for that.

  • Die_Fledermaus

    Ashton looks more like young steve and less like older steve. Ashton has a more square jaw then steve did.

  • CuntOfMac

    I don’t understand this tendency to proclaim “This movie will suck.” I don’t necessarily mean this particular film, but any film in general. I can understand having a certain kind of expectation building up, since these Hollywood projects aim to create anticipation, but… “This movie will suck”? Really? How about just waiting and seeing?