Find Out How Much Space Your Photos Are Taking Up On Your iPhone Or iPad [iOS Tips]


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I’m guessing you take a lot of photos with your iPhone or iPad, right? I know I do. After taking them all, or saving them from web pages or text messages, they tend to add up. But how do you know how much space they’re taking up, specifically, on your iOS device?

Here’s the short and simple way to figure that out, plus an extra tip to boot.

First of all, launch your Settings app, and tap into the General settings. Then, tap on the Usage button. You’ll see a list of all of the apps on your iOS device under the Storage option. There’ll be a total number of space available, as well as a total amount of space used on your iPhone or iPad. Each app in the list will show how much space that app is using to store stuff in it, listed in decreasing order of most to least.

The Photos & Camera item in the list will show you how much total space your photos and videos are taking up on your iPhone or iPad. If it’s super high, you’ll know it’s time to back them up onto your Mac or other cloud-based storage solution and delete them from your phone.

Now, here’s the secret sauce: tap again on the Photos & Camera title, and you’ll get another list. This one tells you how much space the photos and video take up in your Camera Roll, your Photo Library (stuff you’ve synced from iTunes), and your Photo Stream. Use this to further decide what section of your Photos app to head to when culling out the space hogging photos and video you may have onboard.

Now you know what you’re carrying around with you on that iOS device. Use that knowledge to help you decide what stays and what goes, leading to a leaner, meaner, happier iPhone or iPad.

Via: OS X Daily

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