Create A Smart Playlist For More Than One Artist With iTunes [OS X Tips]


Smart Playlist Multiple Artists

Smart Playlists are fantastic, and they really do work to help you listen to the kind of music you’re in the mood for, using a variety of user-controlled criteria. You can create a Smart Playlist for any given Artist in your iTunes library fairly easily.

But what if you want a playlist that includes more than one Artist? Well, that’s pretty simple, too. Here’s how.

First thing, launch iTunes. We’re using iTunes 11.0.1 for this tip, so if you’re using an earlier version, your options may (or may not) vary.

Once iTunes is launched, click on the iTunes menu, and choose New, then Smart Playlist. The dialog box that shows up will look familiar to anyone who’s created a mail rule in Mail. Fill in the first artist you want to include in your Smart Playlist, and then click on the plus button to the right. A second Artist field will show up. Fill in the second artist you want to add, and hit the plus button for every new artist you want to include in your playlist.

Then, above, where it says “Match all of the following rules,” click on the word “all” and change that to “any.” Feel free to limit the number of items or time, and allow for Live updating if you want the Smart Playlist to include new music you add after you’ve created it.

Click on the OK button in the lower right, and you’ll get to name the playlist in the sidebar, which just calls it “playlist” by default. Name it how you want, hit Return, and then you’ve got a playlist that includes music from any of the artists in your ruleset. Nifty, huh?

Via: Addictive Tips

  • wilsonics

    Smart Playlist or just Automator in disguise?