You’re Not Really Dressed Unless You’re Wearing iPhone Cufflinks!



You’ve seen iPhone home button cufflinks and on-button Mac cufflinks. Now, at long last, iPhone cufflinks are on the market.

They’re $29.99 on

(Via Shut Up & Take My Money!) 

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8 responses to “You’re Not Really Dressed Unless You’re Wearing iPhone Cufflinks!”

  1. lukemul69 says:

    Or £7 on eBay…

  2. jpadhiyar says:

    Quite pricey for cufflinks but I guess anything that’s got an Apple thing on it would be overpriced all the time. Would’ve been nice if the cufflinks were ‘thinner and lighter’ .. may be taller too!

  3. dcj001 says:

    But they are iPhone 4 cufflinks.

  4. colinfox58 says:

    Only $9 on ebay

  5. stevewoz says:

    I have a pair of iPhone cufflinks but I’m sure it infringes on Apple’s copyright.

  6. Poet says: has these today only for $0.59 shipped (usually $3.99) with coupon code MLCKS31ANL1:—p-69439.aspx?strcoup=MLCKS31ANL1&dealid=49899

  7. southen says:

    Yes it’s nice, but is it really worth the price? I think wearing a simple & elegant cufflinks are more fashionable & formal-looking. And you can get it from online shops that have a give-back program, where they give a portion of every sale they get, like and

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