This Is Exactly What A Credit Card From Apple Would Look Like [Image]


  • robert_walter

    Very cool, but since Apple has a policy of 30% margin on sales, doesn’t that mean that the APR on the card would have to be far far in excess of 10%? (I suppose the historical reference for this would be to see how the Apple Store handles financing on the products it sells; although cheaper financing could be cross-subsidized by the sales margin on an apple product, something that wouldn’t exist if using an iCard for a non apple related product.)

  • digitaltara

    Maybe it would be 0% interest on Apple Store purchases and Apple devices, with 10% interest on everything else.

  • bdkennedy

    How can you design an Apple credit card and not have the freakin’ Apple logo on it??

  • Dustin Moskowitz

    Apple did have a rewards Visa back in the early-to-mid 90’s. You could accrue up to $500 a year in reward dollars, and up to a $1,500 total. I maxed mine out and purchased a DOS card, which I had to return because while Windows had finally gotten past the 8.3 naming convention, the CD-ROM driver in my PPC8500 could not read long file names on DOS CD’s, rendering the card quite useless. I think I wound up buying some memory and an external drive instead. I wonder if I still have the card!

  • Grahas

    Apple already has one though Barclays. Apple designed it. You get one when financing a Mac.

  • shane80002007

    like Grahas said apple already has one depending on the spend you can get 18 months with no interest, there current APR is 22.99% which is no where near the 10% but new deals could change that, apple also had a itunes rewards visa which worked out to be 1% off everything(via itunes points) this was 6 months ago but i notice its no longer on the site, also a bit off topic but seeing that NFC in the US has a ‘long lead’ time going by visa of 3 to 5 years if apple did include a NFC chip and secure element i think it would be smart for apple to do what google is doing is having a virtual debit card and then allowing you to add cards to it in the cloud but i also think it would be smart of apple to have there own branded credit card like the one they have no with Barclays on the phone because you would think apple would/can get a cut of some of the transactions(even if its very small), because even wallmart, costco branded cards the shops must get something out of it right?, also i know this would only be for the US due to banking laws but apple could work it out in the different countries.

  • kim989

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