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Intel’s Next-Gen Haswell Processors Reveal What Will Likely Power The 2013 iMac



Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processor powers Apple’s 2012 iMac, and leaked details for Intel’s next-gen “Haswell” chips point towards the future in 2013. VR-Zone has gotten its hands on what it claims to be a leaked chart for Intel’s Haswell desktop architecture, slated to ship in the spring of 2013. Based on the leak, we may have the specs for what will power next year’s iMac.

The Haswell 22-nanometer processor will be dubbed the “Core 4000 Series” by Intel, according to VR-Zone. It is expected to ship to manufacturers in April of 2013, giving just enough time for a fall iMac refresh. There’s a total of 14 new CPU configurations coming from Intel next year, and the top of the line model is a 3.5GHz Core i7 at 400MHz. The fastest iMac confiuguration is currently a 3.4GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7. There are also references to next-gen HD 4600 integrated graphics. Expect faster performance and better power consumption across the board.

This leak is just for Intel’s desktop lineup, so we have yet to see the candidates for Apple’s next-gen MacBooks. Chip details for the 2013 Mac Pro (yes, it’s coming) and Mac mini also remain to be seen.

A recent report said that Apple is looking to eventually ditch Intel on the Mac for its own chip architecture, like the A Series that powers iOS devices. Apple has been hiring notable talent in the processor department as of late, and Tim Cook recently promoted Bob Mansfield to lead the company’s new Technologies division, a group dedicated to advancements in wireless and semiconductor technology.

Source: VR-Zone

Via: Engadget