Twitterrific 5 For iOS Updated With Some Subtle Improvements, Bug Fixes



In my review of Twitterrific 5, I commended the app’s incredible attention to detail. Today The Iconfactory released its first update to Twitterrific 5, and version 5.0.1 shows how a great app treats the finer details with great importance. There’s nothing groundbreaking included, but there are some wonderfully subtle improvements and a decent handful of bug fixes.

One of the biggest additions is the ability to quickly switch between the app’s Light and Dark themes with a two-finger swipe across the screen. There are some new gesture-attached sound effects, in-app notifications for completed actions, and Pinboard support for bookmarking links. A lot of the finer animations, like pull to refresh, have been polished. It all makes the reading experience in Twitterrific even smoother.

Push notifications and timeline streaming are both in the pipeline for a future update.

Make sure to check out The Iconfactory’s behind the scenes look at developing Twitterrific to see what went into making this opinionated Twitter client.

Twitterrific 5 is available for iPhone and iPad in the App Store. It’s currently 50% off at $3, and today’s update is free for exisiting users.

5.0.1 release notes:

New Features

  • Swiping left or right with two fingers now switches dark and light themes
  • Checkmark icons are now displayed for verified users in lists
  • Added sound effects to swipe gestures
  • An in-app notification is displayed when Dark Theme at Night changes
  • Added in-app notification when posting a new tweet or message
  • Timelines can now scroll to the marker without displaying it
  • A loading bar is now displayed when a picture is taking a long time to load
  • Added Pinboard support for bookmarking links and tweets


  • Various improvements to VoiceOver
  • Toggling the unified timeline setting now updates the screen immediately
  • Made the swipe gestures easier to trigger
  • The pull-to-refresh control now operates more smoothly
  • You can now hit space or tab to auto-complete the first user match
  • Lists and searches in the sidebar now refresh periodically
  • When you reply to a message, you can now see it in the compose view
  • Displaying follower and following lists is now much faster
  • App help can now be opened in Safari

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem in the search view when using shake-to-undo
  • Fixed a crash caused by closing a conversation thread while it was loading
  • You can now send just a photo without any tweet text
  • Improved performance in the settings screen
  • Emailed and bookmarked tweets now use long URLs
  • Added a confirmation dialog when deleting tweets and messages
  • Fixed display problems in right-to-left languages, such as Arabic
  • Previously uploaded images are no longer attached to other tweets

Source: App Store