Sonos Cuts Out The Computer, Allows You To Stream Music From Your iOS Device


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Sonos has updated its iOS app and introduced the ability to wirelessly stream music AirPlay-style to your Sonos speaker directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Until now, users have had to have a Mac or PC acting as a middleman, but Sonos latest iOS apps remove that requirement.

That means you no longer need to boot up your computer just to listen to your favorite tunes on the Sonos speaker in your living room. It also negates the need to sync purchased you’ve made from iTunes on your iOS device back to your Mac or PC just to play them on your Sonos.

It’s not true AirPlay functionality, however. Although you can stream music directly to your Sonos using the Sonos Controller app, you cannot stream audio from other sources, such as another music player or the YouTube app. Nevertheless, it’s still a hugely welcome feature that’s sure to enhance your Sonos experience.

You’ll need to ensure your iOS device is running iOS 6 before updating the Sonos app, and once you’ve done that you can find the latest version of the app using the source links below.

Source: App Store (iPhone) / (iPad)