iTunes 11: Simpler, Faster, Stronger [Review]


Hey iTunes. How you doing?
Hey iTunes. How you doing?
  • kungfumath

    Where is the “scan to a certain point in the song” control in the miniplayer? I used that in previous versions! Also, in response to your “listening to a spreadsheet” comment, I like the level of organization and efficiency I could achieve by using the “spreadsheet” view. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for within a couple seconds, but with the artist or album views it takes forever to scroll through all of that. Also, who really recognizes music by pictures? We search for music by words because it is by words that music is described (title, lyrics, etc.). My response to iTunes 11 has been to go through all of the default settings and reset everything I can to be as close to iTunes 10 as possible.

    I hate it when software developers take useful features away or just move them for the sake of “newness.” I have the same reaction to iTunes 11 as I had to Window Vista/8: it’s pretty, but hard to navigate because you’ve trained me for the past 10+ years to work a certain way. (Consider the changes in Explorer and the Control Panel between WinXP and Vista.) When the current interface works, works well, and has been working for a long time, smaller, incremental changes are better than wholesale redesigns.