iTunes 11 Will Let You Redeem Giftcards With Your Camera



iTunes 11 has a really neat new feature that lets users redeem a giftcard without typing in a single character. Users can simply hold their giftcard up to the FaceTime camera on their Mac and iTunes will read the code and redeem the value for it.

This is the greatest feature Apple has ever invented. No longer shall consumers be subjected to really long funky alpha-numerical gift codes as we hunt-and-peck our way through entering the code into our computer in exchange for some free iTunes bucks. 

To check out the new feature simply go to iTunes Store in iTunes and then click “Redeem” on the right side of the homepage. In the middle of the Redeem page is the option to use your camera to redeem the giftcard. Place your giftcard up to the screen and boom! instant redemption.


  • Jonathan Alexander Llamas

    I for one am truly happy for this feature…

  • SansChristopher

    So when will this come to iOS?

  • jabbapam

    Just installed itunes11 and don’t have this feature :(

  • winegar72

    Just something to note, this feature appears to only work on Macs with a built in camera. My machine @ work is a 2011 Mac Mini with a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 and that feature is not available. I know it says FaceTime Camera but it literally means Apple’s FaceTime Camera, not a camera that works with FaceTime. Big fan, love listening to the Cult Cast!