New iMacs May Not Ship In Time For Holiday Season Due To Manufacturing Issues [Rumor]


Being this thin comes at a cost.
Being this thin comes at a cost.

Apple’s Phil Schiller unveiled the ultra-slim, all-new iMac at a press event last month. The 21.5-inch model was said to ship sometime in November, with the 27-inch model arriving later in December. Due to manufacturing complexities and supply issues overseas, Tim Cook later said that the new iMac will be “constrained in a significant way” this holiday season.

Now a new rumor is saying that supply chain problems mean no new iMacs at all until 2013.

French site MacBidouille has learned “from a commercial source” that Apple is having ” more problems than expected because of the new manufacturing process” required for the new iMac. According to the site’s sources, the 21.5-inch model was originally supposed to go on sale November 27th, but complications with manufacturers mean we may not see either model ship in time for the holidays.

One of the main points of interest during the new iMac’s unveiling was the “friction-stir welding” technique Apple uses to make the screen incredibly thin and sturdy. The same process is used to assemble cars and airplanes.

Manufacturing issues are most likely related to the new lamination process. Apple has managed to fully laminate the glass cover to the actual LCD, which significantly decreases glare and increases image quality. The process of assembling such a thin display is, as one would imagine, a complicated one.

Apple’s online store will hopefully be updated with new information regarding the iMac soon, but be prepared to not have one under your tree this holiday season.

Source: MacBidouille


  • Gadget

    All I want is an updated Thunderbolt Display for my rMBP. Looks like I’ll be waiting until 2013 for sure.

  • Rob Klaproth

    Yikes. This leaves a huge opportunity for Microsoft and all the beautiful Windows 8 touch screen PC’s on display at your favorite local electronics retailer. I know most readers of this site are die hard Mac fans, but lets face it, the average consumer is going to be like “WTF, I can’t buy an Imac for my wife for Christmas… guess I’ll have to get her a new Acer Windows 8 PC.” LOL

  • WireBender4279

    My late 2009 iMac looks just as thin from where I sit. I don’t get the reason for this obsession with thin and no user upgradability. I won’t be on any list for wanting one of these.

  • alexheath

    All I want is an updated Thunderbolt Display for my rMBP. Looks like I’ll be waiting until 2013 for sure.

    As do I. Will be interesting to see what Apple chooses to do with Thunderbolt displays.

  • justmeblue5ft3

    No Windows computer for me, my husband knows better after our move to Macs the past 18 months or so in our home and business. He doesn’t want one either so we’ll have a happy Spring iMac to look forward to! I can wait. I don’t like to but I can. Our current iMacs the kids are waiting for. They might not be as happy with the wait.