Apple Says New Super-Thin iMacs Will Be In Short Supply Once They’re Released




One of the biggest shockers at the iPad mini keynote was the announcement of the redesigned iMacs that are unbelievably thin. In our readers poll we were surprised that almost 50% of people were more excited about the iMac than the iPad mini. Unfortunately for all those people eager to get their hands on it, the new iMac will be in short supply when it launches.

During Apple’s financial results conference call this afternoon, Tim Cook was asked whether any Apple products will be facing any significant supply constraints over the next few months. Cook made sure to mention the iMac in particular and said that it will be “constrained in a significant way.”

Cook explained that because the iMac line is currently in transition, old models are no longer available and the new 27-inch unit iMacs won’t ship till December, while 21.5-inch iMacs will ship in November. Tim noted that Apple expects the demand for the new machines to be very strong and that initial supply most likely won’t be able to meet demand.

The online Apple Store isn’t accepting pre-orders of the new iMacs at this time, but if you’re hoping to get a new iMac in November or December you may want to keep your eye on them and order one as soon as they become available.

  • technochick

    It’s important to note that he says they will be, he believes, in very high demand. NOT as some are suggesting, that there is an issue in producing them to quality etc

  • Mystakill

    Unless Apple decides to go back to manufacturing user-serviceable computers, my 2010 MBP will be my last Mac. I can’t justify the purchase of a brand new, premium-priced computer every time my RAM or storage requirements change. Heaven forbid your drives crash outside of warranty on the new iMac, because accessing those on the new iMacs is going to be a bear for the average consumer who’s not at all comfortable removing the display and internals in order to access the drive bays.

  • vanmacguy

    They will be in short supply ’cause I’m ordering one.