Jawbone Announces Second-Generation UP, On Sale Now


Jawbone wants Fitbit's blood. Photo: Jawbone
Jawbone UP 2.0 is shipping now.

The Jawbone UP wristband first launched back in 2011, and it became quite a popular product. Everyone wanted to get their hands on the fitness- and sleep-tracking iPhone accessory, which came with plenty of promise. Unfortunately, it launched with all kinds of problems, too — including water leaks and inflexible components that broke too easily — and Jawbone was forced to pull it.

The company’s now giving the device a second shot. Today it announced the second-generation Jawbone UP, which is now shipping for $129.99.

The new wristband offers all the same functionality as its predecessor, only this time around, the company has ironed out all those kinks that plagued the first-generation. Hosain Rahman, Jawbone CEO and Founder, says that the new UP has been through nearly 3 million hours of real-world testing.

“We’ve combined hardware, software and data, developed 28 new manufacturing processes, and created unparalleled testing standards validated by nearly three million hours of real-world testing,” Rahman said.

“The resulting breakthroughs have allowed us to create the category’s first truly day-and-night wearable product – a band that looks great and fits effortlessly into the way you live, along with an app that delivers detailed data with meaningful insights to help you achieve your goals.”

The new UP is available today, November 13, in eight colors (onyx, mint green, light grey, blue, navy blue, red, orange, and hunter green) from Jawbone.com and Apple, AT&T, and Best Buy stores throughout the United States. AppAdvice reports that those who purchased the original Jawbone UP — and suffered all its problems — should receive a second-generation model free of charge.

Source: Jawbone

Via: AppAdvice

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    I still don’t see how something on your wrist can track your steps or how much you move…

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